So over the past year or so I’ve worked towards doing icons of every dangan ronpa sprite. I figured the logical thing to do would be to now share them all with the world in an organized manner!! Use them for whatever. You can credit me or my icon comm on dreamwidth (broshuu) but it’s not necessary as long as you don’t claim you made them!!

These each include at the very least all sprites, but a bunch have official art and event/climax interference art as well! Some of the older ones I may redo eventually!? Idk man. SOURCES ARE INCLUDED FOR SPRITE EDIT ICONS, So please don’t forget to credit those people! (The Monomaru ones are not credited because I edited those haha.)

If you have any questions/issues, feel free to PM me!!

Please note that these may include spoilers.

- Aoi Asahina
- Byakuya Togami
- Celes Ludenberg
- Chihiro Fujisaki
- Genocider Syo
- Hifumi Yamada
- Junko Enoshima
- Kiyotaka Ishimaru (Includes Ishida and Monomaru)
- Kyoko Kirigiri
- Leon Kuwata
- Makoto Naegi
- Mondo Oowada
- Monobear
- Mukuro Ikusaba (Includes “Junko” sprites)
- Sakura Oogami
- Sayaka Maizono
- Touko Fukawa
- Yasuhiro Hagakure

- Akane Owari
- Byakuya Togami
- Chiaki Nanami
- Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu
- Gundam Tanaka
- Hajime Hinata
- Hiyoko Saionji
- Ibuki Mioda
- Kazuichi Souda
- Mahiru Koizumi
- Monomi
- Nagito Komaeda
- Mikan Tsumiki
- Nekomaru Nidai
- Peko Pekoyama
- Sonia Nevermind
- Teruteru Hanamura
- Usami

If you’d rather download all of them for whatever reason; Here you go!


弾丸論破2落書き詰め② by 鹿日
※Permission to upload this was given by the artist


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orange & blue: hinata shouyou & kageyama tobio

"…but we haven’t lost yet."

"he’s got it all."

H i n a t a    S h o u y o u】   
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